Frequently Asked Questions



My Order

1. When will my order ship?
2. Why didn't my order go through?
3. How can I track my order?
4. There are multiple charges on my account from Superlamb. What is going on?
5. Will I receive confirmation when my order ships?
6. Help, I've tried 3 times to order and the site has locked me out!
7. How long does it take for my order to arrive?
8. What's the status of my order?
9. I need to change or add an item to an order. How do I do this?
10. I need to cancel an order. How do I do this?
11. How do I know if the item I ordered is in stock (and not a preorder)?
12. What is your payment policy with preorders?
13. What is your shipping policy with preorders?
14. What is your price match policy?

Inventory Questions

1. I'm on your site and I see that there is one pair left of what I want. Can you check for me that it is there?
2. I'm looking for an item that isn't available on the site. Can you help?
3. Why can't I select the size and color I want?
4. When will you be getting more ...?
5. Do you sell real UGGs?
6. Do you sell wholesale?
7. Is there a limit on the quantities that I can purchase?

Shipping Rates and Options

1. What are the shipping rates and service options?

International Shipping

1. Do you ship outside the USA?
2. I have a foreign credit card and a US shipping address. How can I order?

Sizing Questions

1. What size should I order?
2. How should sheepskin fit?
3. Are UGGs in US sizes?
4. I am a UK/EUR/CM/JAP size X. What size should I order?


1. How do I exchange an item?
2. How do I return an item?
3. What is your return policy?
4. How do I know when a return has been received?
5. When will my refund be processed?
6. The item I ordered is defective. What should I do?

Product Warranties

1. How long are warranties for the products you sell?

Sheepskin FAQs

1. About Sheepskin
2. What are the benefits of sheepskin?

UGG Cleaning and Care Instructions

1. How do I use UGG Water and Stain Repellent?
2. Washing instructions for suede (twin-faced) sheepskin footwear
3. Washing instructions for sheepskin boots with cow suede or leather uppers
4. How do I remove excess odor from UGG and other sheepskin boots and footwear?
5. Hard to remove marks on suede (twin- faced) sheepskin footwear
6. Hard to remove marks on leather based sheepskin footwear

Our Guarantee

1. Superlamb's guarantee to our customers

How to Spot Authentic UGG Online Retailers

1. Confirm the retailer's status as an authorized dealer on the official UGG Australia site
2. Check the registration of the site
3. Check the longevity of the site
4. Map the business' location on Google Maps
5. Check fraud forums
6. Avoid sites that use the word 'ugg' in the website address
7. Beware companies that don't sell UGG slippers
8. Check for the 's' in 'https:' on the checkout page
9. Look out for sales on current, non discontinued styles before Christmas
10. Verify the shipping company and shipping time for an order to arrive
11. Scrutinize their contact information
12. Avoid companies asking for payment by cashiers check/money orders or accept payment by Paypal only
13. Stay away from sites that claim to be members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and you cannot click the logo for verifcation
14. Steer clear of sites that tend to use paid ads exclusively
15. Watch for poor grammar
16. Shun sites that put the UGG style numbers directly before the style name
17. Avoid sites that show pictures of footwear with 'hangtags' or with boxes in the background
18. Be cautious of sites that offer to sell wholesale
19. Inspect the sole (expand for photos)
20. Inspect stitching (expand for photos)

UGG History

1. Who was the founder of UGG Australia?