UGGpure, Just Exactly What Is It?

We've received quite a few requests for information regarding UGG's latest material, named UGGpuretm.  So we've decided to put together this post hopefully clarifying what it is exactly.

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What is UGGpuretm ?

It's real, luxurious shorn wool that is woven into a durable backing. Because it's like giving a sheep a haircut, UGGpuretm is a completely renewable resource and doesn't harm the animal. It's used in the linings and footbeds of select styles. UGGpuretm differs from twin-face sheepskin, which is where the animal's actual skin is used to make footwear,  with the skin side on the outside and the wool turned to the inside of footwear.

Why the move to UGGpuretm ?

Because it's less expensive to produce. You may have noticed that some carryover styles from last year have actually gone down in price (the Stoneman, for example, is $30 cheaper in 2014 than 2013). That's thanks to the move to UGGpuretm .

Sheep are animals that roam freely and they frequently get scratches on their skin that many consumers would call a 'defect' if they received footwear made from them.  This makes it much more difficult to select 'perfect' skins to make footwear from, and these 'perfect' skins get quite expensive. It just makes sense then to use the wool woven into a different backing and make shoes from that. Let's face it, we wear our UGGs because we enjoy the comfort they offer on the inside primarily and the style second, right? Wink, wink...

There's also other big picture benefits, such as it's more environmentally friendly, cruelty-free, etc.

Keep in mind that twin-face sheepskin is a byproduct of the food industry and the rest of the animal doesn't go to waste.

Does UGGpuretm feel any different from twin-faced sheepskin?

Not really. Most people aren't going to be able to tell the difference between the two. I've been working here for 10 years and can't really tell the difference.

How can i tell which styles are made with UGGpuretm ?

On our site, look for the bullet points under the 'Inside' category where we'll be sure to mention it. If you're looking at a style with suede or leather on the outside then most likely it's an UGGpuretm product.

13 thoughts on “UGGpure, Just Exactly What Is It?”

  • Joe Keifer

    Does UGGPure wear as well as Twin Face or other shearling products where the actual animal skin is used?

    Thank you!

    • admin

      So far in our experience UGGPure lasts just as long as regular sheepskin. We haven't had any complaints from customers, either.

  • Marie Clarke

    Hi im confused lol!!
    I get the part about the inside of the boot but if the sheeps skin is not us3d then what is the outside of my Ugg classic boots??

    • admin

      The outside of the UGG Classic boots is still twin-face sheepskin. UGGPure on the classic line is used on the insole.

  • Judy Szydlo

    I ordered the Hannen TL with the Uggpure. It looks and feels nothing like the shearling. It is thin and flimsy looking. Does not have the thick rich feel or look of shearling. And the Hannen TL is $5 more expensive with the cheap Uggpure than it was last year with authentic shearling. Returned my purchase immediately.

    • admin

      You shouldn't really notice a difference. Remember, wool and sheepskin are natural products, and there will be variances. Much like my hair is probably different from yours.

  • Stan

    Is UGG Pure as warm as sheepskin lined shoes/slippers?

    • admin

      Yes! Even we have a hard time distinguishing it from sheepskin without very close inspection. It's the same wool as sheepskin, only on suede.

  • Roussel

    I just received my mini bailey button. Is it possible that this model is only with uggpure ? Thank you for your feedback.
    Celine, France

  • Erika

    I just received my Classic Dylans in the mail and immediately noticed the difference in the lining. I actually DO buy Uggs for the inner comfort. I'm pretty sure I'll be returning them. :( I agree with Judy.

  • Vicki

    So THAT'S why I got such a great deal. I just rec'd mine, and I'm going to need to think about this awhile. I agree with Erika and Judy - these are NOTHING like my "original" sheepskin Uggs. I immediately googled to see if the "fur" was even "real" at all. They're still very comfortable right out of the box, though. Just not sure...

  • Amanda

    I bought a couple pairs made with UggPure, and it's so different from shearling. It's scratchier and clearly not as soft. I wish I bought a couple more pairs before they made the switch!

  • Mia

    Hey folks, who complained about the sheepskin/fleece lining
    Let's remember, the words cruelty free and sustainable. Think about what the beautiful sheep have suffered for your comfort. Do some research

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